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This Akira/Doraemon mashup is EXACTLY what my life needed right now. 

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En los últimos días he oído decir cosa como:

Que “en su pandilla habían 3 chicas , 2 eran putas pero lo peor era que la otra era fea….”

Gente que enseña fotos de chicas que les han mandado en privado por que si se las mandan son una putas y da igual lo que haga con las fotos

Que llamar a una chica calientapollas no es machismo es un acto de ayuda entre hombres para que sepan lo que hay

Que los casos de violencia de genero que salían en las noticias estaban incitados por radicales feministas que querían que salieran esas cosas en al tele

Y por supuesto que el feminismo en estos días no tenia sentido por que la mujer estaba totalmente en igualdad y en muchos casos se usa para discriminar al hombre

0 this is the world we living uoooo machismo

『メタルギアソリッド5』でスネークが使用する端末「iDROID」型のiPhoneケースが発売決定!かっけえええええ! : オレ的ゲーム速報@刃
これはヤバイ マジで欲しい


This is 35 seconds of Neil deGrasse Tyson dancing or: The greatest 35 seconds of your entire life.

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Happy First Contact Day!

On the night of April 5, 2063, the Vulcan ship T’Plana-Hath landed in Bozeman, Montana, after tracking the warp signature of the spaceship Phoenix - first human ship with warp drive capacity. The ship was piloted by Dr. Zefram Cochrane, inventor of warp drive. This first contact led to the foundation of the United Federation of Planets by the people of Vulcan, Earth, Andoria, Alpha-Centauri and Tellar, in 2161.

Source: http://www.startrek.com/article/origin-of-first-contact-day-explained

Live long and..

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more FTL doodles

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han actualizado FTL ! un juego genial


FTL: Advanced Edition is out, and it makes for a perfect example of why do we LOVE the indie game-dev scene!

Some guys who come out of nowhere develop one of the most addictive and engaging Sci-Fi games of all time, and make tons of money when it becomes a smash-hit. What do they do next? Do they buy a seaside bar on some tropical island to sell Star Trek-themed drinks to tourists, while enjoying a life of luxury and leisure? Nope. They keep on working to make the game even better. They go to great lengths to add in some rad extra content, and they even team up with some big names to do so. When the upgrade is ready, they release it for free, as a way of thanking the fan community. Yes: free!

If you own a copy of FTL: Faster than Light on GOG.com, you can now upgrade it to FTL: Advanced Edition! Just grab the new installer files from the game’s download menu on your virtual shelf. Here are just some of the features the new version brings in:

  • A new sector with new events, written by Tom Jubert and special guest writer Chris Avellone!
  • New music by Ben Prunty!
  • Many little improvements and tweaks to the game’s mechanics
  • The ability to save&quit anywhere, including mid-combat, or mid-event!
  • More systems, more playable ships, more alien races, more weapons, more drones—more everything!

Here’s a full changelog if you’re curious. Note, that all of the radical changes to the game that come in the Advanced Mode can be toggled on or off, so if you prefer the vanilla experience you can still play FTL the classic way.

Even if all this was a paid DLC it still would have been impressive, but FREE? It needs to be said: Subset Games, you fracking rock!

FTL: Advanced Edition—upgrade for free if you already own the game, or get it for the same old price: $9.99!

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This is the single best post I’ve ever seen. 

Parents need to teach their children these man tips.

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